Rising to the challenges life brings us, and becoming ever greater and more resilient versions of our true selves.

Time for a Change?

Sometimes the path to change is frightening. Don't worry. . . blue skies follow the rain. Transitions are a perfect time to use therapy as a means to clarify your goals and direction.


Our busy lives pull us into the future as our memories are dragging us back through the past. Choosing to be in the present moment is a revolutionary act. . . I invite you to join me here, now.

Self Care and Compassion

Caring for our bodies and minds is one step on the path to self-compassion. With compassion, we can accept what is and rise to the occasion of our lives.


When our actions align with our deepest values, we are living authentically. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, it may be a sign that it's time to reconnect with what really matters to you.

MJC Photo 3 200x300 AffirmationsHi there!  I am Miranda Jane, a friendly, authentic, and caring counselor. . . looking forward to helping you move ahead.  I specialize in  helping people manage their chronic pain, dissociation, anxiety, and life transitions.

Sessions cost 120$ for one hour, $180 for 90 minutes.

I also accept the following insurance plans:




Starting February 1, 2018 join me for sessions at:

3625 Manchaca Road, suite 202

Austin, TX  78704


Until February 1st I will continue to practice at 2111 Dickson Drive, Suite 22